1. Short-term and Temporary Health Insurance  
    Short term health insurance is fairly low in cost and can protect against the financial strife of expensive health bills
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    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) offers SelecTEMP PPO, a short term health insurance plan, also known as temporary health insurance. Blue Cross and Blue
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    Visitor > Explore Insurance Plans > Short Term Health Insurance Short Term Health Insurance Helping Fill in the Gaps for Individuals and Families with Temporary
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    Short term medical insurance helps bridge the gap between college graduation and employer-sponsored plans. Learn more about our short term health insurance today!
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    Instant Online Health Insurance Quotes, Diabetes, Overweight, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol OK
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    If you don't get health insurance through your employer, get the coverage you need for yourself and your family by starting here with short term health insurance
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    Temporary Health Insurance Pro can give you a buyers perspective to obtaining cheap and affordable short term health insurance for individual and family medical
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    MNUI.com | Buy Short Term Medical Insurance Online – Get a FREE, Instant Quote with temporary medical insurance plans starting from $1 Day
  9. Temporary Health Insurance  
    Temporary health insurance by Assurant Health, HPA, Standard Security, HCC and more. Temporay coverage can begin as early as the next day
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    Featuring Short Term Health Insurance plans from Assurant, UnitedHealthOne, HCC, IHC etc. Affordable Hospital, Doctor &Prescription Coverage for 1 to 11 months
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    People who are between jobs or recently graduated from college have an opportunity to buy short-term temporary health insurance for coverage until they get a new job
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    Apply online for temporary health insurance , online, even if you don't have a social security number!
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    Find information about short term health insurance plans available from Assurant Health
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    Temporary health insurance, or short-term health insurance, is beneficial for people who may be between jobs, new graduates, temporary employees, or waiting for their
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    HCC Medical Short term temporary health insurance, temporary health plans and quote affordable COBRA alternative option rates for medical coverage. It's the only
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    Compare Short Term Health insurance plans from various companies. Temporary medical coverage for fresh graduates, in-between jobs. Great alternate to Cobra. 877-593-5403
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    Temporary health insurance, short term health insurance and dental insurance. Offering over 100 medical insurance and dental insurance plans. Free instant quotes
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    Short-term Health Insurance; Student Health Insurance; Health Savings Accounts; International Health Insurance; Individual Dental Insurance; Discount Cards
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    Temporary health insurance for 30 days to 6 or 12 months. Get instant quotes and buy health insurance at carrier direct prices