1. The PS3 May Have Just Had Its Front Door Kicked In  
    Forget jailbreak devices; the same team who broke the Wii wide open now claims to have done the same for the PlayStation 3, leaving Sony's console at the mercy of homebrewers and pirates alike.
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    Regardless of what Sony might want you to think, piracy is not the only reason that people want to hack their PS3 to run software that isn't official. There are
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    27th Chaos Communication Conference, PS3, PS3 Epic fail, console, gaming, PSP, PS2 ... The group showcased a presentation titled 'PS3 Epic fail' at the conference to demonstrate their exploit. ...
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    PS3が新たにハック!!アップデートによる対策も不可!の詳細情報 ... PS3 では ECDSA と呼ばれる電子署名アルゴリズムが用いられているそうですが、そこで private key を生成する際に用いられる本来はランダムに生成される数値が、実は固定されていることを彼らは発見したそうです。 ...
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    This means, as a PSX-Scene forum post puts it, giving a hacker "full control of the PS3 system," without the use of a USB device. ... This hack is designed not to enable PS3 game piracy (though it might have that effect) but, according to a ...